Iguana Chum

Iguana Chum


Iguana Chum is enhanced with menhaden oil for the most irresistible chum slicks. The combination of the best quality iguana and Menhaden oil is the reason why Iguana Chum is unrivaled. Its strong smell attracts a variety of marine species, greatly increasing your catch rate. If Iguana Chum doesn’t attract fish, nothing will!

Iguana Chum currently comes in 7lb blocks with larger sized buckets being available in the future. Wholesale orders require a 5 item minimum on all orders. Get 10% off when you order 10 of more!

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10% discount when order 10 or more.

Our process begins in South Florida where we harvest feral iguanas. These iguanas are collected daily and taken to the processing center in Pompano Beach where our two-step system grinds them into a very fine mixture. This fine grinding allows for better disbursement in the water columns. The mixture is then boxed, frozen and ready for delivery to your local South Florida bait shop.

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7lb Block, 15lb Bucket


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