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Iguana Chum Is Bringing Iguana Meat to the Market on a Large Commercial Scale!

For years local sports fishermen have used Iguana meat as a highly effective bait to guarantee a successful day! The problem is that iguana bait has never been available in any ample quantity.
Whatever a local trapper could offer a sports fisherman from his traps was the limit. This is no longer the situation! Iguana Chum is bringing to the market Iguana meat on a large commercial scale!

Caught Locally

Processed Locally

Distributed Locally

We Catch It Here

Iguana Chum’s sister company; Iguana Control, is South Florida’s Largest and Oldest company dedicated to the removal of feral Iguana from residential, commercial, and municipal properties. With over 20 employees in 5 counties, Iguana Chum now has a source of fresh Iguana meat on a large scale! Now, bait that will help you bring in the one that got away is available any day.

We Process It Here

There are a number of benefits that go beyond freshness when it comes to buying your fishing products locally. By sourcing local Iguana Chum, you are also helping to reduce the amount of energy (fossil fuels) being used to transport the product, helping the local economy, and perhaps the greatest benefit of local sourcing and processing is that you may have the opportunity to speak with the source provider personally to answer any questions you may have.

Distributed Locally

Iguana Chum is distributed locally to South Florida bait shops. Check with your local bait shop and enjoy a great day on the water.