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Iguana Chum products can be used to lure a wide variety of fish such as cobia, kingfish, snappers, groupers, and many more. Our bait can be used to lure crabs and lobster into traps.


A Unique and Effective Bait and Chum That People Have Been Waiting for

Now, we make it highly convenient to obtain The Ultimate Bait or chum. If you are within our delivery zone, you can order your boxes of Iguana Chum from this website, and it is delivered to your doorstep the following day.

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Now you can easily find a local bait shop that carries our bait.  This comes in handy when you are not going to be available to pick up the delivery. Now you can pick it up at your local bait shop at your convenience and you can easily be on your way to a great day of fishing.

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Located in South Florida, Iguana Chum serves both the recreational and commercial fishing communities with our full line of products.

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Iguana Chum is a great product and works really well. The staff at Iguana Chum is extremely knowledgeable and most helpful. Just great service. Highly recommend!

I love that they deliver the next day in our area. I am looking forward to having Iguana Chum in stock at my local bait shop.

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Why Use Iguana Chum?

Why Use Iguana Chum?

The frozen chum block leads when it comes to chumming because it’s easy to use and effective for a wide range of species. Using Iguana Chum can turn an unproductive fishing trip into an exciting angling adventure that will help you catch your limit.


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